Sunday, February 26, 2017

Unexpected Details on Ladybird Line Stylists Aprons

When was the last time you walked into a salon and noticed what the stylist was wearing? You probably don’t remember because most stylists are stuck with boring, black aprons that get the job done, but aren’t very fashionable.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting a black apron. In some cases it’s the best choice, but it shouldn’t be your only choice! At Ladybird Line, we offer a wide variety of stylists aprons that feature unexpected details that are sure to get noticed.

Fun prints
Want to showcase your wild side? You’ll turn heads when you choose an apron that features a fun print!
Our animal prints are extremely popular. Choose an understated leopard print or loud zebra print. We have other print options as well. Our camouflage aprons are popular with male stylists, barbers, and in themed salons.

Colorful fabrics
Maybe you want to add a little color to your work wardrobe. We can help with that too! But, we do a lot more than offer aprons in different colors.
Our colorful aprons take things one step further because they are sparkly! Choose a sparkling blue apron or opt for a rose-colored hue.

Animal prints and sparkling fabrics are sure to get attention, but one of our favorite apron details is studs. They are so unexpected on a stylist’s apron!
Not only do we offer a studded apron that hangs around your neck, we also have a belted tool that’s perfect for makeup artists. These styles are edgy enough that they look great on both men and women!

Choose more than one
Can’t figure out which detail you like the best? Why choose! At Ladybird Line, our aprons are so affordable, you can choose more than one!