Sunday, November 27, 2016

Flexible Ballet Flats Are One of Our Most Popular Groomers Accessories

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to the professional outfit you wear at work. If you work in the grooming salon, you spend your days looking at aprons and jackets instead of button-up shirts and dress pants. However, the accessories you choose are important too.
Caring for your feet is extremely important, especially in the grooming salon, because you have to stand up for hours at a time. When it comes to groomers accessories, our flexible ballet flats are extremely popular, and for good reason.
They’re comfortable
Finding a comfortable pair of shoes is always a challenge, whether you’re buying shoes for the salon or not. Some are too tight while others don’t provide enough support.
We designed our flexible ballet flats to be extremely comfortable. The insole of the shoe is soft and cushy, enabling you to stand on your feet all day.
Our flats are also designed with flexibility in mind. The opening of the shoe utilizes an elastic band that can comfortably accommodate narrow and wide feet.
They protect your feet
Comfort is important, but it’s also important that the shoes you wear in the salon protect your feet, legs, and back.
The outsole was specifically designed to provide comfort, but it was designed to protect your feet as well. The rubber sole provides protection against hard floors that can wreak havoc on your feet, legs, and back. We also designed them with a no-slip grip. No matter how wet and slippery it gets in the grooming salon, our ballet flats will keep you on your feet.
Our shoes utilize a synthetic upper lining. Just like an apron can keep your clothing from getting wet and stained, our shoes can do the same thing. Simply wipe away messes that would soil other shoes.
They are easy to carry and store
It’s normal to have at least one pair of shoes that you only wear at work. If you’ve got errands to run before work, or if you want to meet up for dinner after work, you should be able to store your salon shoes quickly and easily.
Our shoes are specially constructed so that they can be folded in half and placed in a convenient carrying case. That case can then be placed in a bag or even in a salon drawer!
Want to learn more about all the salon apparel we have to offer? Take a minute to browse our site or contact us today!

Why Choose Groomers Pants Suits over Separates?

There’s no denying that mixing and matching smocks and pants can allow you to customize your pieces. When it comes to groomers garments, sometimes you don’t have a choice. You have to choose separate pieces to create a custom look. So, why even consider groomerspants suits?
Matching fabrics
The first thing matching suits have to offer over separates is the fact that they utilize the same fabric. Not only does it make the overall outfit look better, it makes it easier to care for your garments.
Not all grooming apparel is machine washable or dryable. Imagine throwing your smock and pants in the washing machine only to discover that your pants have been destroyed! By choosing a matching suit, you know exactly how to care for both items.
Matching fabrics mean matching colors as well. You know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve ever tried to look for a black smock to match your existing black pants. No two blacks are created equal, leaving you with a suit that looks like it’s supposed to match, but it just doesn’t!
Consistent fit
A size medium isn’t always a size medium. If you purchase your pants separately from your jacket, you may discover that your medium-sized pants are a bit too baggy, while your jacket fits just right. A matching suit can solve that problem.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Groomers Pants Can Make Life Easier in the Grooming Salon

The trouble is, your upper half isn’t the only portion of your body that is exposed. At the beauty salon, you won’t likely have to worry about your lower body, but in the grooming salon, it’s a must. After all, you’re dealing with dogs all day long!
Groomers pants can make your life so much easier. Here’s why.
They’re comfortable
First of all, the pants at Ladybird Line are extremely comfortable. They’ve been designed and constructed with an elastic back waist and a drawstring in the front for this very reason. You’ll find that wearing a pair of our pants is much more comfortable than any pair of jeans you could wear, especially when you have to spend hours on your feet in the salon.
Water and chemical resistant
You may be saying that if comfort is the only consideration, you could just go to the store and pick up a pair of sweatpants. You certainly can, but you won’t be protected from water and chemicals.
Our pants are both water and chemical resistant. That means you won’t have to stand around in soggy pants all day long. It also means that our pants are a lot less likely to get stained or ruined than if you simply bought a pair from the store. In a salon where you bathe animals all day long, that’s extremely important.
Easy to care for
Having a comfortable pair of pants that resists water and chemicals is great, but only if you don’t have to spend your precious time caring for them when you get home. Many specialty fabrics must be spot cleaned or dry cleaned. Our pants are different.
All you have to do is throw them in the washing machine. That’s it! Place them in the dryer on low heat and you’ll be able to wear your pants again tomorrow with very little effort.
You can have a little fun in the salon with our pants because they come in blue! From size SM to 2XL, we can make sure you’re covered in the salon, which is sure to make life at work a lot easier.
There’s no question that the right apron or jacket is a must in the salon. This is true of the beauty salon, but it’s even more true in the grooming salon. Because wet pooches and soggy felines can whip up quite a mess, many groomers reach for jackets and smocks that provide 360-degree protection from liquids and chemicals.

Groomers Jackets & Smocks That Are Specially Designed Just for Women

At Ladybird Line, we strive to provide a different kind of garment. Although we do offer a few styles that are just as comfortable for men as they are for women, we really shine when it comes to our groomers jackets & smocks that are designed just for women.
With the female figure in mind
The biggest difference between our garments and many others that you’ll find on the market is that we have our very own designer, Mina Kamali, who designs jackets and smocks the way a high-style designer would design any garment. That means designing items with the female figure in mind.
Our jackets and smocks can be ordered in sizes up to 4X, and each one is listed with specific measurements so you can order the size that’s right for you.
In the salon, it’s your clients who matter, even if they’re furry and have four legs! Because this is the case, aprons, jackets, and smocks have been made to be durable, but that’s about it. Most designs are made with both men and women in mind, which means they are one-size-fits all, making them especially unflattering for women.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ladybird Line

Creative Aprons, Smocks, and More Designed by Ladybird Line's Mina Kamali
Most aprons and smocks, whether they’re used in the grooming salon or the hair salon, are ‘made’ more than they are ‘created’. If you’ve spent any time at all shopping for these necessary garments, you’ve likely discovered that most ‘designers’ simply choose a durable fabric, cut it into shape, and sew a few tie strings on it. That’s really not designed at all. Anyone with basic sewing skills can create salon apparel this way!
However, because you work with chemicals or in a wet environment, you’ve had to make due, but why should you have to? With fashion and style that’s permeated nearly every corner of our lives, why should a disposable coffee cup be better designed than a garment that you have to wear all day long!
When you shop at Ladybird Line, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s because we have our very own designer, Mina Kamali, who takes fashion in the salon very seriously.

About Mina
It all started years and years ago when Mina was young and spent a lot of time in her sister’s beauty salon. With an interest in fashion, it was natural for her to take a closer look at the garments that were being worn by the stylists.
With so few choices, they basically threw their hands up in the air and decided they didn’t care how their style could make a negative impression on their clients. After all, old, dingy, plain looking garments don’t instill a sense of professionalism or confidence, especially when it comes to asking for advice on your latest haircut. But, with no other options out there, what were they to do?
Mina went into the textile and fashion industry. She spent decades working in the U.S. and Europe on various projects, always looking for an opportunity to design for an industry that truly could use her creativity and experience.
Finally, the opportunity arose for Mina to create her very own line, and her thoughts immediately returned to her sister’s salon. Today, she designs custom aprons, smocks, and more that are fashionable, comfortable, and durable.
With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Mina knows how to construct flattering garments, and she’s taken this high sense of design to an industry where design has traditionally been overlooked.
Make sure you take some time to browse all of our items. We’re confident you’ll find one that you’ll actually love to wear. Your clients are sure to notice too!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

There Are So Many Ways to Use the Kitchen Aprons from the Ladybird Line

When you think of aprons, what comes to mind? Cooking in the kitchen, of course!
Our apparel items are perfect for whipping up delicious cakes and juicy steaks, there’s no doubt about it. That’s because the choices in our line are exceptionally durable. Nearly all of our styles are water resistant or water proof, bleach resistant, and chemical resistant, which means you’ll never have to worry about splattered grease or flour messes on your shirt and pants ever again.
Of course, the durability of our kitchen aprons is a big draw for our customers, but we’re really known for our fashion-forward approach to professional apparel. Because a kitchen apron from Ladybird Line is so fun to wear, we’ve discovered that our customers find many creative uses for our aprons. Here are just a few.
Cleaning is a messy business, whether you do it professionally or you’re just trying to disinfect your bathroom at home. The chemicals you use can be extremely hard on your clothes. Without the right protection, your shirts and pants can very easily end up stained, especially if bleach is involved.
Because our aprons are bleach resistant, they are perfect for residential and commercial cleaning. Simply throw it in the washing machine when you’re done!
Love crafting in your spare time? Or maybe you’re into home improvement projects? Whether you’re making jewelry with an epoxy or you’re staining furniture, many craft projects can be hard on your clothes.
There’s no need to worry about damaging your clothes when you wear an item from the Ladybird Line because many of our styles are chemical resistant. You’ll find yourself sitting down to try new craft projects more often because our aprons are so fun to wear.
Behind the bar
Spending time in the kitchen can be messy, but so is crafting cocktails! One of our aprons is likely to get a lot of attention the next time you’re scheduled at the bar because they are so fashion-forward.
Of course, you can always craft your cocktails at home. Your guests will want to know exactly where they can get an apron like the one you’re wearing!
At Ladybird Line, we strive to offer the best aprons in the industry, but we also believe very strongly in the customer experience. From ordering just one garment to ordering hundreds, contact us today and we’ll make sure you get the perfect garment for your needs.

The Ladybird Line of Salon Fashions Can Boost the Confidence of Any Nail Technician and Esthetician

What you wear can have a huge effect on how you perceive yourself and how professional you feel. Many employers allow for some choice by providing a dress code and allowing their employees to interpret it any way they like. This allows everyone to choose clothing that is comfortable and fashionable, ultimately boosting performance. A nail technician and esthetician isn’t always so lucky.
When you work in a salon, you are required to wear salon apparel, and your choices can be very limited. Most professionals end up wearing a one-size-fits all smock or apron, that although effective, isn’t very fashionable. Walking around in a plain, boring, black apron can make you feel uninspired, and because most salon wear doesn’t enhance your figure, it can leave you feeling self-conscious.
It doesn’t have to be that way when you shop with Ladybird Line! There are a few ways our garments can increase your confidence.
You get to pick your favorite style
Just the act of being able to pick a style that suits you can make a huge difference in how confident you feel at work. Instead of reaching into a box to pull out an old apron, you have your choice of multiple styles at Ladybird Line.
Choose from:
  • Salon aprons
  • Jackets
  • Smocks
  • Accessories
Order a style in your size, or choose an adjustable garment
Each and every one of our salon garments is made to fit you perfectly, unlike other products that are made to fit a wide variety of sizes and body types.
If you want to wear a jacket, you have the ability to order your size, which is listed with specific measurements so you can make sure that it will fit you perfectly. Of course, we also offer traditional aprons that tie in the back so you can adjust the garment depending on your preferences.
Feminine details make all the difference
At Ladybird Line, we believe that details make all the difference. We enhance many of our salon items by adding fun details like rhinestones, colored zippers, and feminine necklines. Some of our aprons look more like actual clothing instead of salon wear, further increasing your confidence!
Don’t get stuck with an uninspiring apron or a jacket that makes you feel dull and boring. Contact us today and allow us to help you choose a garment that will enhance your self-esteem, in turn enhancing the services you provide.

Choosing the right grooming apparel

If you work in a grooming salon, you know how demanding it can be. From wrangling wiggly pooches to trimming cats and giving baths, you’re likely to get messy! You deserve a durable apron that can stand up to the wear and tear of your day-to-day duties. Unfortunately, choosing the right apparel isn’t always easy.
At Ladybird Line, we know a thing or two about grooming apparel! Here are a few tips on how to choose the right apparel item.
Comfort is key
First, it is extremely important to consider your comfort. You don’t want to get stuck with an apron or a smock that leaves you squirming all day long.
The Ladybird Line contains many different types of apparel items for many different body types. If you feel most comfortable in items that are loose fitting, try an apron with an adjustable back. If it’s important for you to be fully covered, we have a few cobbler aprons to choose from.
Choose a style that will boost your confidence
Although you want to be comfortable, you should also feel confident. This is one area where the Ladybird Line shines. We focus on creating fashionable styles that will leave you feeling confident and professional.
We offer many different features and fabrics. Some of our apparel items integrate trendy details, like studs and rhinestones. If you’re really looking to stand out, we offer a wide range of sparkling aprons.
What really sets us apart are the necklines on our garments. We offer straight, scoop, and V necklines that make our groomers aprons more feminine.
Think outside the box
Some of our styles are made with groomers in mind, but that doesn’t mean you are confined to shopping in our grooming line. If you’re having trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for, consider shopping around in a few of our other lines as well. You may find something in our stylist or esthetician lines that would work better for you.
If you need a little help choosing a style, don’t hesitate to contact us. Not only can we provide you with a recommendation, we can also customize your order, which includes bulk orders for all your employees.

How the Right Barbers & Stylists Aprons Can Enhance Your Salon

Picking the right apron is a personal choice. You have to find one that is comfortable, yet durable. When you shop with Ladybird Line, you are also able to find one that's fashionable! But, the right barbers & stylists aprons can make a huge difference to your business too.
How can a simple apron enhance your salon?
It enhances your confidence
It isn't hard to find an apron that is specially made just for barbers and stylists. Unfortunately, those aprons are plain and ugly, which can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. No one wants to walk around in a giant black muumuu all day!
If you can find an apron that enhances your confidence instead of zapping it, both you and your clients will notice. If you feel confident, you're likely to do a much better job giving your clients exactly what they want, which is a great haircut!
With greater confidence, you'll also be able to deal with your customers better. You're likely to experience more engaging conversations and self-assuredly deal with clients, all because you chose the right apron.
It makes you stand out
When clients walk into the salon, they're used to seeing that old tried and true black apron that most salon professionals wear. There's nothing wrong with this type of apron. They are very durable, but they aren't likely to get remembered. They're all function and no form.
The right apron can help present your salon in a unique way. Instead of being just another place to get your hair cut, the details of a unique apron can make you stand out from other salons in the area. With a fun, funky, and stylish apron, you can show clients that your salon is a trendy place to be.
It's memorable
At the end of the day, you want your clients to remember your salon. In remembering your salon, they'll be more likely to stop in the next time they need a haircut. An eye-catching apron can help you do that, but don't forget the cape or gown that your client wears! If you get to wear a fun apron, they should be able to wear something fun too!
Skip the run-of-the-mill black cape and choose something with a little flair. It's even better if you have a few capes to choose from, especially when it comes to working with children. It's fun for clients to pick their own cape!
If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to enhance your salon, shop the stylists jacket & smocks at Ladybird Line. Then, contact us with your questions or place your order today!