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Rhinestone zipper apron

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Unexpected Details on Ladybird Line Stylists Aprons

When was the last time you walked into a salon and noticed what the stylist was wearing? You probably don’t remember because most stylists are stuck with boring, black aprons that get the job done, but aren’t very fashionable.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting a black apron. In some cases it’s the best choice, but it shouldn’t be your only choice! At Ladybird Line, we offer a wide variety of stylists aprons that feature unexpected details that are sure to get noticed.

Fun prints
Want to showcase your wild side? You’ll turn heads when you choose an apron that features a fun print!
Our animal prints are extremely popular. Choose an understated leopard print or loud zebra print. We have other print options as well. Our camouflage aprons are popular with male stylists, barbers, and in themed salons.

Colorful fabrics
Maybe you want to add a little color to your work wardrobe. We can help with that too! But, we do a lot more than offer aprons in different colors.
Our colorful aprons take things one step further because they are sparkly! Choose a sparkling blue apron or opt for a rose-colored hue.

Animal prints and sparkling fabrics are sure to get attention, but one of our favorite apron details is studs. They are so unexpected on a stylist’s apron!
Not only do we offer a studded apron that hangs around your neck, we also have a belted tool that’s perfect for makeup artists. These styles are edgy enough that they look great on both men and women!

Choose more than one
Can’t figure out which detail you like the best? Why choose! At Ladybird Line, our aprons are so affordable, you can choose more than one!

Reasons to Use Multiple Groomers Aprons

When working in any salon, many professionals choose one garment that they like and stick with it. There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite apron! However, you’re really missing out if you only use one garment. Here are a few reasons why having multiple groomers aprons will make life easier for you inside and outside the salon.
Easy to clean

A high-quality apron is extremely easy to care for. In most cases, messes can simply be wiped away, but every once in a while, your garment will need a little more attention.
If you have more than one apron, you can wear one while the other is in the wash, making laundry a lot less stressful.

Create a work wardrobe

Wearing the same old thing every single day can get boring. When working in an office, you get to build a professional wardrobe. That’s more difficult when you work in the grooming salon, but it isn’t impossible!
At Ladybird Line, you have many different garments to choose from! Pick a few different styles, colors, and patterns and you can decide what you’d like to wear to work every day.

There’s always a replacement

Accidents happen, especially in the grooming salon. At Ladybird Line, our aprons are water resistant and bleach resistant, but stains can still occur. In addition, when you’re surrounded by dogs all day, it isn’t uncommon for an apron to end up torn due to unruly dog claws. If you have more than one apron on hand, you always have something to wear, even if your favorite apron ends up getting tossed in the trash.
Looking to expand your groomers wardrobe? Let Ladybird Line help you find the perfect aprons in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

Why Kitchen Aprons Are a Must for Any Cook

There are many benefits of cooking at home. You can save money, and it’s healthy for your family because you have full control over the ingredients you use. So, why don’t more people cook at home? Well, for one thing, it can be messy!
It isn’t uncommon for clothing to become stained or ruined in the kitchen, which can deter you from spending more time in the kitchen in the future. That’s where kitchen aprons come in. There’s no doubt that they are a must for any cook.
Prevent stains and feel confident in the kitchen
Stains in the kitchen are just part of the territory. It’s easy for grease to splatter or tomato sauce to bubble out of the pot. If you’re worried about ruining your clothing, you won’t do your best in the kitchen.
An apron allows you to feel more confident. By wearing an apron, you can prevent stains of all kinds. That’s because the kitchen aprons at Ladybird Line are water repellant and bleach resistant. You can rest easy knowing that most messes can be wiped away. Our garments can even be thrown in the washer.
Feeling confident in the kitchen means feeling stylish too! Our aprons are so stylish that they can be worn during a party. Some of our styles, like our rhinestone zipper apron, are so beautiful they can be worn as your party dress!
Spend more time in the kitchen with a stylish apron

If you’re looking for a reason to spend more time in the kitchen, choose one of the aprons at Ladybird Line! We offer so many different colors, styles, and patterns that we guarantee you’ll find one that you’ll love wearing every time you cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Estheticians Apparel with Personality

Letting your personality shine through in the salon can be a challenge, but it’s even more challenging for estheticians. When it comes to estheticians apparel, most salon wear is boring black or white. These types of garments look professional and will definitely get the job done, but you should feel good about what you’re wearing. That means choosing a different kind of garment.
Have fun with color
If you like the structure of traditional esthetician’s jackets, but think they look boring, do things differently by having a little fun with color! Choose a blue jacket or a black jacket with an eye-catching red zipper.
It’s all in the details
Speaking of zippers, you can let your personality shine through in the salon by focusing on the details. Instead of choosing a jacket in a bold color, stick with a black jacket that features a rhinestone zipper. You can also choose a jacket with a mesh back that will help keep you cool while you’re at work.
Choose a different style

Aprons are still a good choice for estheticians, and at Ladybird Line, we’ve got all kinds of unexpected styles to choose from. Get a little wild with an apron that features leopard print fabric, choose an apron with studs, or choose a cobbler apron that provides protection in the front and back.
The perfect style for everyone
Here at Ladybird Line, we even have robes, gowns, and smocks that are perfect for clients!
You’re sure to find a salon garment at Ladybird Line that allows your personality to shine through while you’re at work.
Jackets are a favorite among estheticians, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear one! You can get a little creative by choosing a different kind of garment.

Barbers & Stylists Apparel for Everyone in the Salon

When you think of salon garments, what comes to mind? Aprons, of course! That’s because professionals in the salon so frequently wear them, but barbers & stylists apparel is much more than that. Not only are there many different choices for stylists, there are plenty of choices for clients too!
Aprons and smocks and jackets, oh my!
An apron is a great place to start in the salon, and there’s no doubt that you should have a few aprons around. They’re so easy to put on and take off! However, if aprons aren’t really your thing, you’ve got so many other choices, especially if you shop at Ladybird Line!
If you’re looking for front and back coverage, consider choosing a jacket that zips or buttons up the front. Cobbler aprons are a nice compromise between a traditional apron and a jacket, if you like the look of an apron but prefer the coverage of a jacket. You can even find super flexible and comfy foldable shoes that are perfect for the salon!
Making sure your clients are comfortable

Don’t be afraid to switch things up and try something new! We’ve got the perfect style for you to try over at Ladybird Line, and our styles are affordable too!
Once you’ve figured out which garment works best for you, it’s time to start thinking about your clients! A plain old black cape will get the job done, but why not wow clients with a fun polka dotted cape? If you really want your clients to feel comfortable in the salon chair, choose a smock with a clear media window. That way they can browse the internet or text a friend while they’re getting their hair done!

How Does Grooming Apparel Help Professionals in the Salon?

If you’re lucky enough to share your home with a furry friend, you know just how messy they can be. Now, imagine dealing with dogs all day in the salon! It’s obvious that professional dog groomers need a little protection, but exactly how does grooming apparel help professionals in the salon?

Stay dry

The first reason to wear specialty apparel is to stay dry. It’s normal for a dog to shake himself dry after he has been washed, and all that water can end up all over your clothes. A grooming apron or smock can help keep you dry all day long.

Control dog hair

If you think sharing your home with a dog is bad, wait till you deal with all the pet hair in the grooming salon! Although it’s true that most groomers have lint rollers handy, there’s no question that keeping it off your clothes in the first place is the best way to deal with pet hair. One of the easiest ways to do that is to wear specialty apparel that is pet hair repellant, like all the styles at Ladybird Line.

Reduce odors

Flying droplets of water and stray hair are both issues in the grooming salon, but dealing with odors is a dreaded problem as well. Specialty apparel items that are designed for the grooming salon are water resistant. They won’t soak up odors, leaving you smelling fresh, even when you’re surrounded by dogs all day!

Fashionable salon wear for everyone

It’s important to choose an apron, smock, or pantsuit that will protect you in the grooming salon, but you deserve a garment that is fashionable too! Shop all the grooming items at Ladybird Line and you’ll look forward to getting dressed for work!

How a Client Robe Can Glamorize Your Salon

Every detail of your salon matters. You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about the name of your salon and the types of products and services that you offer. You’ve probably thought about a color scheme and the kinds of furniture you want to use. Hopefully, you’ve thought about the kinds of garments that your salon professionals will be wearing, but have you thought about what your clients will be wearing? It can say just as much about your salon as the products you use!
A client cape will get the job done, but nothing glamorizes a salon like a client robe. Using robes can take your salon from blasé to classy. Here’s how:
Comfort and style
There’s no doubt that a basic cape is comfortable and effective, but capes aren’t very stylish. At Ladybird Line, we like to have a little fun with our capes by creating them with cute polka dot patterns in different colors, but at the end of the day, no one would be caught wearing one outside the salon.
A robe provides comfort, because it is completely adjustable, but it offers a little style too. It’s the perfect choice for a salon that wants to give off glamorous vibes. Your clients will definitely thank you for it!
Indicates superior service
No matter what kind of services you provide, a cape sends a certain message. They are almost exclusively used in fast service salons. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these types of salons, especially if you’re trying to keep to a schedule, but if you’re visiting the salon to relax, unwind, and receive superior service, a cape doesn’t send the right message.
A robe encourages your customers to sit and stay for a while. It sends the message that your salon is a place where they can kick back and relax, indicating a level of service that they won’t find at other salons.
Consider letting your clients leave with their robe
If you offer premium services, you can make the salon experience even more enjoyable by allowing your clients to go home with their robe. After all, once they experience a robe from Ladybird Line, they’ll want to get one just like it!
With multiple styles to choose from, we’ve got a robe that will work perfectly in your salon. Make sure you shop around on our website, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect garment!

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Red zipper jacket pants suit

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Professional black leopard apron

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What Professionals Use Salon Jacket & Smocks?

Part of communicating the values of your business is considering what you and your employees wear, and few salon garments are as versatile as salon jacket & smocks.
The question is, where exactly are these garments most at home? Which professionals use jackets and smocks in the salon the most?
This one often comes as a bit of a surprise. That’s because animals don’t really care how you look. There’s no reason to go above and beyond to look a certain way when you’re working with wet dogs! So, what’s the point in wearing a jacket?
Things can get messy fast in the grooming salon. You know exactly what we mean if you’ve ever experienced a wet dog shaking himself dry. Groomers opt for smocks over other kinds of salon wear because they provide them with front and back protection, not to mention, many jackets come with matching pants that can take a beating as well.
Nail technicians
If you’ve ever scheduled an appointment at the nail salon, you’ve probably never seen one of your technicians wearing an apron. Although some choose to wear whatever kind of clothing they’re most comfortable in, many nail technicians who want to promote a sense of professionalism choose one of the classy jackets at Ladybird Line.
When you think of jackets and smocks, estheticians are probably the first to come to mind. These professionals work with chemicals and skin treatments all day long, so wearing something to protect their clothing is important.
Although estheticians aren’t medical doctors, their practices are often sanitized and exceptionally clean, making you feel like you’re in the clinic. That means dressing for the part by wearing a jacket or smock.
Massage therapists
Many massage therapists and spas will design their own uniform, but it all starts with a jacket. Although they aren’t likely to get dirty during the course of the day, looking professional is extremely important if you want to provide visitors with that spa-like feel.
Looking for jackets that can be personalized for the massage therapists at your spa? Or maybe you’re just looking for a comfortable jacket to wear at work? We can help! Shop all the styles at Ladybird Line, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to help you find the perfect garment!
Not all salon wear is appropriate in every situation. For example, a basic apron may feel right at home in some salons, while it will look out of place in others.

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Benefits of Wearing Stylists Jacket & Smocks

However, choosing the right garment isn’t necessarily easy. Just because some garments, like aprons, are appropriate in some situations doesn’t mean they’re the best choice. After reading this article, you’re likely to find that stylists jacket & smocks are the right choice for you!
Full coverage
One of the biggest benefits associated with choosing a jacket over other types of garments is the fact that you get full coverage protection.
Many garments, like aprons, only provide you with one-sided protection in the salon. Although it is true that you’re most likely to get the front of your clothing wet and dirty, when you’re surrounded by other salon professionals and their clients, an exposed backside can be just as bad as an exposed front side.
A jacket provides you with protection both front and back, ensuring that the clothing underneath stays dry and unstained.
Easy and convenient to put on and take off
Some garments can be a real challenge to put on and take off. You know exactly what we’re talking about if you’ve ever tried to take off an apron without ruining your hairstyle!
If you work in a salon, you know how important it is to wear protective garments. Whether it’s keeping chemicals off your clothes at a hair salon or keeping dry at an animal grooming salon, without the right protection, you’re going to end up ruining your shirts and pants.