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Why Do Estheticians Have to Wear Salon Aprons?

If you work in a salon, you know how messy it can be. Because you’re working with chemicals, you know it’s not a good idea to wear your best clothes when you head to work, but why bother wearing an apron at all? Can’t you just wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty? Although you may be more comfortable working in a T-shirt, it really is best to have a few salon aprons on hand for these reasons. They’re easy to clean There’s no doubt that you’ll need to clean the clothes you wear to the salon, but without protecting your shirt or pants, you’ll end up spending more time in the laundry room than you’d like. Without a protective garment, your clothing will likely end up stained. Before you can throw it in the wash, you’ll have to spend time pre-treating those stains if you want them to come out. In some cases, they may not, and your clothing just ends up ruined. An apron can prevent this by protecting your clothes underneath, and because they’re made to be easy to clean, most messes can be wiped away. They look professional Keeping your clothing clean is extremely important, but it’s not the only reason why you should be wearing an apron. Allowing everyone in the salon to wear their own clothes isn’t very professional. However, because comfort is important, most estheticians are able to wear what they want, but an apron creates a cohesive look among everyone in the salon. Depending on the type of salon you work in, telling the difference between the beauty professionals and the clients can be a real challenge if you aren’t wearing an apron! They really are the easiest way to set yourself apart as a professional. They are convenient Wearing an apron is much more convenient that simply wearing street clothes. Do you want to carry around a cloth if your hands get a little dirty, or would it be easier to simply wipe your hands on your apron? They’re even more convenient because you can leave your apron at the salon and put it on when you arrive. That way you never have to worry about forgetting your apron at home. Many styles to choose from Aprons not really your thing? Choose a jacket or a smock instead! You’re sure to find a style that’s just right for you when you shop at Ladybird Line!

Shampoo Capes That Make Your Job Easier

What’s the purpose of a shampoo cape? Well, first and foremost, it’s all about protecting your clients’ clothing. Without one, they’re sure to get a little wet as their hair drips onto their clothes. A cape can keep harmful chemicals, like hair dye and perming liquids, from staining their clothing. It can also keep hair from falling down the front of their shirt or back of their pants. No one wants to leave the salon covered in hair! There’s no doubt that shampoo capes were made with clients in mind, but did you know that they can make your job easier too? They provide you with a blank canvas There are a lot of distractions in the salon. From your coworkers to clients sitting in other chairs, it’s easy to get distracted, especially if you’re paying more attention to what your client is wearing than their haircut. A cape can provide you with a blank canvas. Without one, the patterns on their clothing may be a bit distracting, especially if you’re cutting long hair that drapes all the way down your client’s back. With a solid background, you can focus on giving them the perfect haircut. They make cleanup easy Client capes do a great job of protecting their clothing, but in turn, they make cleaning up a lot easier too. By choosing a cape that is made out of water-repellant and bleach-resistant material, anything that falls onto the cape will fall directly to the floor. Whenever the haircut is complete, all you have to do is shake the cape and sweep up the mess around your workstation. Because nothing sticks to the cape, it can be used again and again without the need to wash it in between uses! They put your clients at ease Perhaps the best way a cape can make your life easier is by putting your clients at ease. If they aren’t worried about their clothing, they can relax. With the right styles from Ladybird Line, they can feel even more comfortable in your chair! Why does this matter? If your clients are comfortable, they’ll relax, and a relaxed client is always easier to work with than an uptight one. They are able to communicate more freely, ensuring that you give them the exact haircut they want. You’ll also find you enjoy your job more when you’re able to work with relaxed clients! Shop fun and funky cape styles Ready to make life a little easier, and more enjoyable, in your salon? Shop all the fun and funky cape styles at Ladybird Line! Place your order or contact us about your questions today!

How the Right Client Gowns Can Make Your Clients More Comfortable

Providing your clients with an amazing haircut is a must, but it shouldn’t be your only concern. It is extremely important that your clients feel comfortable too. If they don’t feel at ease in your chair, they aren’t likely to return, even if they do like their new haircut. There are many ways you can make sure your clients are more comfortable. You can upgrade your chairs, play some music, and even start a little small talk, but few things can put your clients at ease like the right client gown. Here’s how the right client gowns can make your clients more comfortable in your salon. They provide their clothing with protection The biggest reason to ask your clients to wear a gown is to provide their clothing with protection. Without the right garment, they could leave wet and soggy, and their clothing could end up getting stained. By choosing a garment that offers full coverage, your client can rest easy knowing that they’ll leave your salon dry and free of stains. The right style lets them know that you care about their comfort Giving and getting a haircut are extremely personal experiences. A client invites you into their personal space to touch their hair, entrusting you to provide them with a style that makes them feel confident. This can be a very nerve-wracking experience.
By taking the time to choose stylish, comfortable gowns, your client will know that you care about their comfort. If you take the time to choose garments from your clients’ point of view, they can trust that you care about their entire experience, from the moment they sit in your chair until the moment they leave your salon. They can say something about your salon What do you want clients to think of when your salon comes to mind? Do you want them to think that your salon is boring and stuffy? Or do you want to be known as a fashion-forward salon that likes to have a little fun? By choosing a gown from Ladybird Line that features a fun color or pattern, you’re letting clients know that professionalism and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive. With a few fun gowns and capes to choose from, your clients will look forward to coming to your salon because you make the experience more fun, which also ensures your clients feel more comfortable. Shop all the styles at Ladybird Line for salon professionals and their clients! We have many different eye-catching patterns, colors, and styles to choose from!

What Your Stylists Aprons Say about You and Your Salon

Unfortunately, aprons are often an afterthought. In some cases, stylists simply purchase the cheapest apron they can find. In other cases, salons purchase aprons for their stylists without considering style or comfort because they’re just looking for the best deal. Stylists aprons deserve your attention because they can say a lot about you and your business. What are your aprons saying about you? Confidence and professionalism Hopefully, you want to exude confidence and professionalism. These attributes are important because they dictate whether or not clients trust you with their hair, but these attributes can also affect how your business is perceived. Boring, boxy, and stained aprons can lead you to feel less confident, ultimately affecting your performance. Even if you are able to get over the fact that you are stuck wearing an ugly apron and still provide great haircuts, the appearance of an ill-fitting apron with stains all over it doesn’t give your clients confidence in your services. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve. Find high-quality aprons that are both professional and fashionable for you and the other stylists in your salon. Comfort

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Important Details to Look for When Shopping for Durable Groomers Aprons

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There are many things to consider when shopping for the right salon apparel. In many ways, it’s a personal choice that includes comfort and style, but choosing the right apron goes way beyond that. At the end of the day, the right garment allows you to work more efficiently.
If you want to make sure that your garment stands up to rigorous dog washing and skilled coat trimming, you have to keep an eye open for these important details.
Water resistant
If you work in a grooming salon, you can expect to get wet. After all, you likely spend most of your day bathing cats and dogs! If you happen to be washing an animal that doesn’t particularly like being sudsed up, you could end up soaked when you don’t have the right protection.
All of the groomers aprons, as well as the jackets & smocks, at Ladybird Line are water repellent. This will help protect the bulk of your clothing from getting soaked, which in turn prevents you from having to walk around in soggy clothes all day long.
Bleach and chemical resistant
Water resistant garments are important in the animal salon, but water isn’t the only substance you’re likely to come in contact with on a regular basis. A proper bath requires shampoo and maybe even conditioner. Specialty treatments could require additional ointments. Some packages at the salon may even require a doggy cologne spritz! Add to that the fact that you have to clean up at the end of the day, and it becomes clear that a bleach and chemical resistant garment is important.
Nearly all of our garments are bleach resistant, and many of them are also chemical resistant. That means your apron will look like new for a long time.
Easy to care for
Your garment needs to hold up in the salon, but it also needs to be easy to care for. You don’t want to have to baby your apron, and you don’t want to have to throw it out simply because it’s a bit dirty either.
Ladybird Line aprons are exceptionally easy to care for. Because they are water resistant, they can easily be wiped clean. If your garment needs a deeper clean, simply throw it in the washer and lay it flat or hang it to dry.
Because we have affordable, high-quality garments that are durable and fashionable, our aprons make a great choice for your entire staff! From orders of 1 to 1,000, contact us and we’ll help you choose the perfect style.