Sunday, February 26, 2017

Barbers & Stylists Apparel for Everyone in the Salon

When you think of salon garments, what comes to mind? Aprons, of course! That’s because professionals in the salon so frequently wear them, but barbers & stylists apparel is much more than that. Not only are there many different choices for stylists, there are plenty of choices for clients too!
Aprons and smocks and jackets, oh my!
An apron is a great place to start in the salon, and there’s no doubt that you should have a few aprons around. They’re so easy to put on and take off! However, if aprons aren’t really your thing, you’ve got so many other choices, especially if you shop at Ladybird Line!
If you’re looking for front and back coverage, consider choosing a jacket that zips or buttons up the front. Cobbler aprons are a nice compromise between a traditional apron and a jacket, if you like the look of an apron but prefer the coverage of a jacket. You can even find super flexible and comfy foldable shoes that are perfect for the salon!
Making sure your clients are comfortable

Don’t be afraid to switch things up and try something new! We’ve got the perfect style for you to try over at Ladybird Line, and our styles are affordable too!
Once you’ve figured out which garment works best for you, it’s time to start thinking about your clients! A plain old black cape will get the job done, but why not wow clients with a fun polka dotted cape? If you really want your clients to feel comfortable in the salon chair, choose a smock with a clear media window. That way they can browse the internet or text a friend while they’re getting their hair done!