Friday, July 19, 2019

Waterproof Apparel – A Must Have In Any Salon

Ladybird Line is committed to designing high quality functional and trendy apparel to ensure you look great doing what you love.

Functional Fashion
We understand that sometimes the job we love can get messy, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Maintaining a professional image at all times is something that stylists, who are just like you, in both the beauty and pet grooming industries tell us is key.

Ladybird Line listens to your needs and then designs the apparel to please.

Our selection of 100% bathing jackets, vests and aprons have been designed with you in mind.


The waterproof bathing jacket is ideal for pet lovers and groomers to help stay dry during the dog bathing process.
•    Our high quality fabric is treated to protect you while you bathe your clients.
•    The high neck design and mesh inner lining ensures you stay comfortable and protected.
•    The dog print designs add that element of fun to your fashion and ensure you look on trend at all times. 

Waterproof Aprons
Our selection of waterproof aprons also allow stylists and groomers to shampoo their clients with confidence. The easy on and off tie belt styling allows you to protect your clothing from water, hair and debris and can be taken on and off throughout the day as needed.

Ladybird Line waterproof designs are tailored to pet groomers, hair stylists and barbers. We have something for every professional to get the job done. Covering you in style is always our #1 priority.

Look great doing what you love, in Ladybird Line